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New here? Hi!

Our Sunday worship service is at 10:45am every week.

Planning to visit? We can't wait to meet you!

Let’s just admit it: walking through the doors of a church for the first time can be daunting. Depending on your past and/or present, it can range from intimidating to exciting. No matter what your experience with church is, our heart is to treat you like family while you're with us! Let's talk about some questions you might have.

Will I be welcome?

Absolutely! We'll be ready to make you a great cup of coffee, talk about life together, and find you the perfect seat to join us in worship.

If what you're really asking is if you're "like" us, we're a church with a broad scope of life ages and experiences. We strive to be a genuine community of connection and relationships, and we're pretty confident you'll find some common ground.

What if it's been a really long time?

Well then, welcome back! No matter how long it’s been since you’ve been in church, we know it can cause some anxiety. That’s okay! All we ask is that you suspend your skepticism and see what God might do. Our desire is that you would feel genuinely "at home" here at Southside.

Is there a dress code?

Yes. Please wear clothes.

But seriously, we're a church that is made up of real people living real life together. Our idea of church isn't a fashion show or a country club. If someone is wearing a suit, it's because they like to wear suits, not because they're expected to wear their "church clothes."

What is a Sunday service like?

Services are typically 75-80 minutes long.

We usually begin with several songs, and we encourage everyone to participate. This is much better than doing religious karaoke. As with most things in life, participating is better than spectating. We’ll have all song lyrics on the screen so you can easily follow along.

Afterward, our pastor will share a practical and encouraging message, fully backed by the Word of God, that challenges us to apply His truth how we think about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, as well as how we interact with our friends, family, and community.

What if I have kids?

We have groups for all age groups (from newborns to 90s) every Sunday at 9:30am.

Nursery (0s-3s) and Jr. Church (PreK - 3rd Grade) is available during every Sunday worship service at 10:45am.

Our nursery area is just outside our auditorium, and our kids area is located in our Discipleship Building. You’ll want to give yourself about 5 extra minutes to get them checked in and learn the process of how we prioritize your child’s safety. You’ll be able to walk through the Kids’ area and see the rooms.

We believe kids should learn about God AND have a blast at church every single week, so we make this a priority.

Your trust in us is very, very important, and we do not hold it lightly.

What do you have for students?

Our middle and high school students gather in the YTH Room on Sundays during Small Groups at 9:30am, and then join the rest of the church for worship at 10:45am.

The MDWK service for students happens in the YTH Room every Wednesday night at 7pm.

You can see more about Southside YTH here.

What if I have questions once I get there?

Ask us! Most of our welcome team wears lanyards that say “How may I help you?” or you can come to our welcome desk in the lobby.

Bringing your kids?

Your child's safety is a priority for us. If they are joining us for any of our kids groups (0-3rd Grade) on Sunday mornings, you'll want to set aside a few extra minutes to get them checked in before they begin. To pre-check your child before you arrive, click the button below or scan the QR code!

kidcheck qr code.png

The Connect Card.

Once you're here, you'll receive a free gift bag, just so you know that you really do matter to us.

Inside that bag, among other fun things, you'll find a card that will help us get to know you better. If you fill out that card and drop it in one of the Giving boxes, it would make our day!

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